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Master of Science in Education Degree

General Requirements for Master's Programs

A master of science in education program requires a minimum of 36 credit hours. Some master's programs require more than 36 credit hours. Up to 6 credits may be undergraduate course credits at the 300 and 400 level. (Courses counted in a bachelor's degree may not be counted in a master's degree.) All programs require that some minimum number of credit hours be taken in the major area of specialization. (This minimum varies across programs, from 12 to 30 credit hours.) Some programs also have course requirements in the areas of research and foundations. There is no "general" master's program in education.

A minimum of 12 credit hours must be taken outside of the major program area for all master's programs. An exception is the master's degree in Instructional Systems Technology, for which a minimum of 9 credit hours must be taken outside the major. Specific course requirements for each program are listed in this chapter. Master's degree students must complete all program course work within seven years of matriculating in the program. Regulations governing all graduate programs in education are found in the section titled Policies Governing Graduate Programs.

Faculty Advisor

An advisor from the major program area must be selected by the student or assigned by the department. Students should check with the department office at Bloomington or the Office of Student Services at Indianapolis for information about the assignment of faculty advisors. See the section titled "The School of Education" for a listing of program advisors.

Program of Studies

For each master's program there is a program outline form for use in planning the specific courses to be included in a student's program of studies. This form is available from the respective departmental offices at Bloomington, or from the Office of Student Services at Indianapolis. It must be completed, signed by the student's advisor, and submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies by the end of the first year of graduate work.

Master's Thesis

A master's thesis is an option in many program areas. Some programs encourage their students to carry out master's thesis research. Carrying out master's thesis research and writing a master's thesis are particularly valuable experiences for students who seek a scholarly career. Students who choose to write a master's thesis should incorporate appropriate research course work in their program of studies.

Students who opt to do a master's thesis must enroll in 3-6 credit hours of 599 Master's Thesis as part of the minimum 36 credit hour requirement for the degree. A master's research committee must be appointed. This committee consists of two or three faculty members. The thesis director must be from the major area of specialization. If the proposed research involves the use of human subjects, a research review form for the use of human subjects must be completed (see page 56).The thesis study must include the gathering of information or data to answer a question that has been posed that is pertinent to the area of specialization of the student's major. A thesis manuscript must be written and submitted to the research committee. Upon approval by the research committee, the department chair, and the associate dean for graduate studies, two bound copies of the thesis must be filed with the Office of Graduate Studies at Bloomington or the Office of Student Services at Indianapolis.

The thesis manuscript must explain all aspects of the study, including the question posed, the rationale for the study, a literature review, the method and procedure for collecting information to answer the question, procedure for data reduction, synthesis and analysis, conclusions of the study, and educational implications. It must be typed or computer- printed on 81/2 x 11-inch paper. A nationally approved professional manuscript style (usually one used by a professional organization in the student's field) must be followed. The printing and figures must be in black ink on white paper. Figures must be on 8 1/2 x 11-inch paper.

The thesis must be defended in a public oral examination. The announcement of this examination must be submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies at Bloomington, or the Office of Student Services at Indianapolis, four weeks prior to the examination date for dissemination to school faculty. The committee members assess the quality of the manuscript and of the oral defense. They must approve the thesis in order for a passing grade to be awarded in 599.

Forms for the appointment of a thesis committee, for the acceptance of thesis proposal, and for the passing of the oral defense, as well as information about the format for the thesis manuscript, are available from the Office of Graduate Studies.


Some programs require practicum course work; in other programs practicums are optional. Practicum course work focuses on experiences and activities in the field.

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