Degree and Certificate Programs

Master of Science in Education Degree

Master of Science (M.S.) degrees are offered in the following specialization areas in the School of Education. Some master's programs are offered at both the Bloomington and Indianapolis campuses. Others are available at only one campus. Students must apply for admission to the campus at which the degree is conferred. Course work for most programs is offered at both campuses, and is treated interchangeably in graduate programs. Application procedures and admission criteria are described in the section titled "Admission to Graduate Programs."

Master's programs available at the Bloomington campus:

  • Art Education
  • Counseling and Counselor Education (school and community tracks)
  • Educational Leadership (K-12 principal leadership and teacher leadership tracks)
  • Elementary Education (elementary and early childhood tracks)
  • Higher Education and Student Affairs (HESA) (higher education and student affairs tracks)
  • History and Philosophy of Education
  • Instructional Systems Technology
  • International and Comparative Education
  • Language Education (English, language arts, foreign language, English as a new language, and reading education tracks)
  • Learning and Developmental Sciences (educational psychology, human development,  learning sciences, and inquiry tracks)
  • Secondary Education (general, mathematics, and science education tracks)
  • Social Studies Education
  • Special Education

Master's programs available at the Indianapolis campus:

Please note: Course requirements and options for the programs offered at the Indianapolis campus can differ significantly from those offered on the IUB campus. If you are considering pursuing a Master of Science in Education at the Indianapolis campus, please consult the IUPUI School of Education Web site for specific course listings and requirements that apply to IUPUI programs. uate/index.aspx

  • Counseling and Counselor Education (school track)
  • Educational Leadership (K-12 Principal Leadership and Urban Principal Program)
  • Elementary Education (Urban Education, Technology and Early Childhood tracks)
  • Higher Education and Student Affairs (HESA) (higher education and student affairs tracks)
  • Language Education (English as a new language, secondary English, foreign language and reading education tracks)
  • Secondary Education (Urban Education, Technology tracks)
  • Special Education

In addition, a music education master's program is available through the School of Music, Bloomington (see School of Music Bulletin); a cooperative program in education and library science is available through the School of Library and Information Science (see School of Library and Information Science Bulletin); a speech-pathology program is available through the Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences; and a master's program in art education is available at Indianapolis through the Herron School of Art (see Herron School of Art Bulletin).

Course Requirements for Each Master's Program:

For an overview of all degreevprograms offered through the School of Education, click here.

Licensure Programs that Combine with a Master's Degree

Several programs for licensure may be combined with a master's degree. Please refer to the section on individual licensure programs. The student should consult with both the faculty advisor for the master's degree and the certification advisor for the licensure program.

Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.)

Another master's degree, offered through the University Graduate School, is the Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.).

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