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Master of Science in Education Degree

Language Education

Program Offices: IUB, Department of Literacy, Culture and Language Education; Education 3044, (812) 856-8270. IUPUI, Education/Social Work 3162, (317) 274-6821.

This master's degree program is available at both Bloomington and Indianapolis. It prepares classroom teachers of English, bilingual education, English as a new language, English as a foreign language, foreign languages, and reading for positions of leadership in their fields, particularly in the development of improved instructional procedures and curricula. Language Education applicants require a strong academic record in a program broadly based in the language arts and children's or adolescent literature and, preferably, two years of teaching (or alternative experience). Graduates may assume positions as teachers, language education or reading specialists, instructional leaders in language education, or writers and editors of instructional materials.

Language Education Bloomington

Literacy, Culture and Language Education courses focus upon the improvement of instruction through an understanding of language and literacy processes in cultural contexts, the integration of formal and informal assessment with instruction, and the application of research knowledge to practice and internship opportunities. Course work involves experiences with children, high school and college youth, and adults. Opportunities to apply current technology to teaching and learning are abundant. Students must complete a minimum of 36 credit hours.

I. Major Field (15 cr. min.)

The major area is planned with an advisor to meet the student's career goals and/or advanced certification requirements. The courses are to be selected from the two categories below. The first category lists the available courses in reading, language education, English education, and second language education that exist in the Department of Literacy, Culture, and Language Education. The second category lists courses outside the department that may be used in the major area.

Courses in Literacy, Culture, and Language Education

  • L500 Instructional Issues in Language Learning (3 cr.) (required of all students)
  • L605 Capstone in Literacy, Culture, and Language Education (3 cr.)
  • L501 Critical Reading in Content Areas (3 cr.)
  • L502 Socio-Psycholinguistic Applications to Reading Instruction (3 cr.)
  • L504 Diagnosis in Language Difficulties (3 cr.)
  • L506 Reading and Learning Skills Development in Post-Secondary Education (3 cr.)
  • L507 Issues in Language Learning for Graduate-Level Pre-Service English Teachers (3 cr.)
  • L508 Teaching Young Adult Literatures in a Diverse Society for Graduate-Level Pre-Service English Teachers (3 cr.)
  • L509 Critical Issues for the Reading Professional (3 cr.)
  • L511 Advanced Study in the Teaching of Writing in Elementary Schools (3 cr.)
  • L512 Advanced Study in the Teaching of Writing in Secondary Schools (3 cr.)
  • L513 Literary Aspects of Designing Documents for Training (3 cr.)
  • L516 Advanced Study in the Teaching of English/Language Arts (3 cr.)
  • L517 Advanced Study in Teaching of Reading in the Junior High and Secondary Schools (1-3 cr.)
  • L520 Advanced Study in Foreign Language Teaching (3 cr.)
  • L524 Language Education Issues in Bilingual and Multicultural Education (3 cr.)
  • L525 Practicum in Language Education (3 cr.)
  • L530 Topical Workshop in Language Education (3 cr.)
  • L535 Teaching Adolescent Literature (3 cr.)
  • L539 Language Foundations for ESL/EFL Teachers (1-3 cr.)
  • L540 ESL/EFL Instruction and Assessment Approaches (3-9 cr.)
  • L541 Writing Instruction for TESL Teacher (1-3 cr.)
  • L536 Methods and Materials for TESOL Teacher Trainers (3 cr.)
  • L545 Advanced Study in the Teaching of Reading in Elementary Schools (3 cr.)
  • L549 Advanced Study in the Teaching of Language Arts in the Elementary Schools (3 cr.) L559 Trade Books in the Elementary Classroom (3 cr.)
  • L567 Media in the Teaching of English (3 cr.)
  • L590 Independent Research in Language Education (3 cr.)
  • L599 Master's Thesis in Language Education (3 cr.), for those choosing to do a master's thesis, 6 cr. of L599 required
  • L600 Issues in Language Education (3 cr.)
  • L601 Theoretical Issues in the Study of Language and Literacies (3 cr.)
  • L630 Topics in Language Education: variable title (3 cr.)
  • L645 Organization and Administration of a School Reading Program (3 cr.)
  • L646 Administration of System Reading Curricula (3 cr.)
  • L647 Practicum: Supervision of Reading (3 cr.)
  • L650 Internship in Language Education (3 cr.)
  • L690 Readings in Language Education (3 cr.)

Courses Related to Language Education

Second Language Studies

  • T522 Survey of Applied Linguistics (3 cr.)
  • S532 Second Language Acquisition (3 cr.)
  • T556 Language Learning Technology (3 cr.)


  • L503 Teaching of Literature in College (3 cr.)
  • W501 Teaching of Composition in College (3 cr.)
  • W553 Studies in Literature (3 cr.)
  • W554 Teaching Creative Writing (3 cr.)


  • F573 Problems and Methods of College French Teaching (3 cr.)


  • G500 Basics of College German Teaching (3 cr.)


  • S517 Methods of Teaching College Spanish (3 cr.)

Speech and Hearing Sciences

  • S433 Childhood Language (3 cr.)
  • S515 Language Intervention: School-Age Child (3 cr.)
  • S534 Language Development in School-Aged Children (3 cr.)
  • S539 Second-Language Acquisition and Bilingualism in Children (3 cr.)

Other courses may be added with the consent of the advisor.

II. Foundations (6 cr. min.)

Inquiry Skills (Research) (3 cr.)

  • H510 Foundations of Educational Inquiry (3 cr.)
  • P501 Statistical Methods Applied to Education (3 cr.)
  • Y520 Strategies for Educational Inquiry (3 cr.)
  • Y535 Evaluation Models and Techniques (3 cr.)

Substantive Core (3 cr.)

  • A608 Legal Perspectives on Education (3 cr.)
  • E535 Elementary School Curriculum (3 cr.)
  • H5O4 History of American Education (3 cr.)
  • H520 Education and Social Issues (3 cr.)
  • H540 Educational Sociology (3 cr.)
  • J630 Curriculum Theory and Practice (3 cr.)
  • J636 Curriculum Coordination/Supervision (3 cr.)
  • P515 Child Development (3 cr.)
  • P516 Adolescent Development (3 cr.)
  • P530 Research and Theory in School Learning (3 cr.)
  • P535 The Affective Domain in the Classroom (3 cr.)
  • P540 Learning and Cognition in Education (3 cr.)
  • P550 Language and Cognitive Development (3 cr.)
  • S503 Secondary School Curriculum (3 cr.)

III. Electives (12-18 cr.)

May be taken either within or outside the School of Education. Must be approved by the candidate's committee as consistent with the student's total program. Six (6) credit hours of work must be taken outside of the Department of LIteracy, Culture and Language Education.

Peace Corps Masters International Bloomington

This track of the Language Education master's degree is designed to offer Peace Corps Volunteers an opportunity to formalize theier studies in the field of language education and credit for their two years of practical field service.  Contact the department for more information.

Language Education Indianapolis

Required (9 cr.):

  • L500 Instructional Issues in Language Learning (3 cr.)
  • Foundations: A560, H504, H520, H530 or T550 (3 cr.)
  • Y520 Strategies for Educational Inquiry (3 cr.) or Y611 Qualitative Inquiry in Education (3 cr.)

Specialized Studies (15 cr.)

  • Courses should have a unified focus.

Optional Thesis or Master's Project (6 cr.)

  • Six hours of electives may be substituted.

Electives (6 cr.)

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