Graduate Music Performance Study

Graduate music performance study courses include private lessons and recitals.

Private Lessons
  Graduate Elective Graduate Minor Graduate Major
   Horn B710 B810 B910
   Trumpet B720 B820 B920
   Trombone B730 B830 B930
   Euphonium B740 B840 B940
   Tuba B750 B850 B950
Collaborative Piano P901
Early Music Y710 Y810 Y910
Guitar L700 L800 L900
Harp H700 H800 H900
Organ Q700 Q800 Q900
Percussion D700 D800 D900
Piano P700 P800 P900
   Violin S710 S810 S910
   Viola S720 S820 S920
   Cello S730 S830 S930
   Bass S740 S840 S940
Voice V700 V800 V900
   Flute W710 W810 W910
   Oboe W720 W820 W920
   Clarinet W730 W830 W930
   Bassoon W740 W840 W940
   Saxophone W750 W850 W950

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