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(Please note that when conferring University Graduate School degrees, minors, certificates, and sub-plans, The University Graduate School’s staff use those requirements contained only in The University Graduate School Bulletin.)


Degrees Offered

Master of Fine Arts (Studio)

Special School Requirements

(See also general University Graduate School requirements.)

Master of Fine Arts Degree (Studio)

Admission Requirements

A bachelor’s degree with a fine arts major in studio courses or a B.A. in another field with substantial coursework in studio art. A portfolio of work (color slides or a CD of images – refer to area requirements) showing a high degree of skill and creativ­ity. Fall admission only.


A grade point average of 3.0 (B) must be maintained.

Course Requirements

A total of 60 credit hours at the graduate level, with emphasis in one chosen area of studio work. Only those courses listed in this bulletin have been approved for graduate credit. The distribution of course work, including art history courses where appropriate, to be determined in consultation with the stu­dent’s major advisor.

The aeas of study in studio work are drawing, painting, graphic design, digital imagery, jewelry design and silver-smithing, hand papermaking, sculpture, computer art, printmaking, ceramics, woven and constructive textile design, photography, and printed and dyed textile design.


An exhibition of a group of works of art in the chosen studio area preceded by an oral qualifying examination, which will be given at least one semester before the exhibition. The qualify­ing examinations are designed to test the ability of students to speak articulately about the ideas and directions of their work, their ability to express themselves clearly in analyzing other works of art, and their general knowledge of the history of art.

Periodic Review

Student’s eligibility to continue in the M.F.A. program will be subject to a periodic review of their progress.


This degree requires a minimum residency of two to three aca­demic years to be determined in consultation with the advising faculty. Summer residency will not be counted in the fulfillment of this requirement.

Academic Bulletins

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