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School Services Licensure Programs

Following are the initial licensure program requirements for school counselor and school psychologist. The speech and hearing clinician program is now an instructional license in communication disorders. In addition, a school nurse licensure program is available from the IU School of Nursing at IUPUI (see School of Nursing Bulletin). A school social worker licensure program is available from the IU School of Social Work at IUPUI (see School of Social Work Bulletin).

School Counselor

In order to be licensed as a school counselor in the state of Indiana, the student must earn a master's degree in counseling (school specialization). See the section titled Master of Science in Education Degree for the required course work for a master's degree in counseling.

Students interested in becoming licensed as school counselors in the state of Indiana should contact the counseling program at the School of Education 4003, Bloomington, IN 47405-1006 (812) 856-8305 or Education/Social Work 3115, Indianapolis, IN 46202-5155 (317) 274-6801.

School Psychologist

This program is offered at Bloomington. To be licensed as a school psychologist through IU, the student must earn either an Ed.S. or Ph.D. degree with a major in school psychology and be recommended by the director of the School Psychology Training Program to the School of

Education certification officer. A core set of courses is required, and the student may select from other courses to meet program requirements. In some cases, a particular course may meet two requirements simultaneously.

Students receiving the Ed.S. and doctoral degrees must complete a minimum of 65 credit hours and 90 credit hours of graduate credit, respectively. The Ed.S. and Ph.D. programs are fully approved by the National Association of School Psychologists, and the Ph.D. program is fully accredited by the American Psychological Association. A student who successfully completes either program and receives a passing score on the National School Psychology Examination

is automatically eligible for endorsement as a Nationally Certified School Psychologist (NCSP). The NCSP is accepted by the Indiana Professional Standards Board as one alternative for receiving a license as a school psychologist. The NCSP also is accepted by several other states for licensure as a psychologist in the public schools. Persons interested in this program should contact the department at Education 4008, Bloomington, IN 47405-1006, (812) 856-8332.

The following courses are required for licensure, which may vary according to degree objective:

School Psychology (29 cr.)

  • P591 Seminar and Practicum in School Psychology (4 cr.)
  • P592 Seminar and Practicum in School Psychology II (4 cr.)
  • P595 Practicum in School Psychology (4 cr.)
  • P650 Psychological Issues in Cultural Diversity (3 cr.)
  • P682 Developmental Psychopathology of Childhood and Adolescence (3 cr.)
  • P680 Seminar in School Psychology (2 cr.)
  • P691 Seminar in Personality and Behavioral Assessment (3 cr.)
  • P692 Seminar in Therapeutic Interventions with Children (3 cr.)
  • P695 Practicum in Personality and Behavioral Assessment (2 cr.)
  • P696 Practicum in Therapeutic Interventions with Children (2 cr.)
  • P596 Internship in School Psychology I or P699 Internship in School Psychology II (2 cr.)

Human Development (3 cr.)

  • P623 Advanced Child Development

Nature of Exceptional Children (3 cr.)

  • K505, K520, or K780

Remedial Education (3 cr.)

  • K500 or elective

Behavioral Interventions (3 cr.)

  • K553 or elective

Educational Foundations (3 cr.)

  • J630, H530, A408, or elective

Learning (3 cr.)

  • P530, P540, P550, or elective

Social Bases of Behavior (3 cr.)

  • P566

Interventions (6 cr.)

  • G502, G522, G523, G532, G622, P575, or electives

Research Methods (6 cr.)

  • Y502 and Y520

Electives (9 cr.)

Note: The Ed.S. internship must be full time for a minimum of one school year. At least half of the internship must be in a school setting. The other half may be in a child guidance center, mental health facility, or other setting where psychological and educational services are provided to children or their families. Students seeking the doctoral degree must complete a 12-month internship. The internship must be supervised by an appropriately licensed or certified psychologist with a minimum of three years experience, and by a faculty member at Indiana University.

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